Barnstaple Jubilee Singers 


Formed in 1977 by retired schoolmistress Mrs Nora Brown with 10 members, 5 of whom are still singing today. There are now over 30 members.


The ladies perform all over North Devon and beyond at various venues from small residential homes to large churches and theatres, mainly for charities. The choir are also available to sing at weddings, birthdays and special church services. We  enjoy entertaining at local hotels during the run up to Christmas and support the Barnstaple Town Council by Carol Singing.


The Jubilee Singers are founder members of the North Devon Festival of Choirs and have taken part in every concert for the past 19 years.

Finally, after many years of  great musical accompaniment, Peggy Spiers, our pianist retired at the very happy young age of OOWHOOPS (shan't say in the event she wants to keep this under her hat!). 

We are, however, very pleased to welcome with open arms our new pianist, Mrs Bridget Tait.  Bridget has moved to the area from The Midlands and by all accounts has quite a busy life.  She will be sorely missed after 20 years of playing for her previous choir but their loss will be our gain!  She has already proved to be very accomplished and holds a good sense of humour which is necessary in todays world we live in.  Bridget is an all rounder, listening to classical music as well as POP, but states she is a rock chic at never know, this could rub off onto some of our members!!   The reason she joined a choir......?  Like all of us, for friendship, team-work and to do something that makes her and others happy.... in this case, music.   BRIDGET WE WELCOME YOU!!!!

  • The 2012 Jubilee Singers

    Bridget Tait  - Pianist

    Viv Gregory - Conductor and Musical Director


    Maureen Woodall

    Rita Green-Docherty

    Sandra Bond

    Gillian Tucker

    Montse Cawdron

    Jean Wills

    Mary Passmore

    Rita Lunn

    Jenny Hobbs

    Val Shaw

    Pat Radcliffe

    Janet Broom

    Sue Houston

    Alison Cairns

    Pat Bissett

    Middle Sopranos

    Gill Harding

    Lynne Knight

    Lesley Monk

    Sue Gunn

    Margaret Scott

    Middle Altos

    Mary Williams

    Shirley Schueller

    Monica Joslin

    Maureen Sobey

    Pauline Green

    Diane Kotas


    Elizabeth Read

    Ros Menear

    Margaret Radcliffe

    Janet Hopson

    Jill Trinder

    Frances Rumsom

    Marilyn Tricker

    Marilyn Williams

Barnstaple Jubilee Singers